Pre School In New Alipore
Preschool in New Alipore

Where Big Dreams
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Where little minds, big dreams, and endless
possibilities collide.

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Admissions Open for 23-24

    Best Preschool New Alipore
    Best Preschool in New Alipore
    Preschool Admissions New Alipore

    About Kangaroo Kids New Alipore Branch

    Welcome to Kangaroo Kids, New Alipore. We are happy to invite you to one of the most loved Play School, Nursery, Kindergarten, and Preschool in New Alipore, Kolkata, India.We understand that as parents, you would want your child to get admission to only the best play school and preschool in New Alipore, Kolkata. Having dedicated ourselves to preschool education for over 30 years, we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

    With a uniquely designed curriculum, iCan Learning System, Kangaroo Kids aims to prepare preschoolers to not just live but thrive in an extremely disruptive external world by harnessing their inner selves with the right skills and habits. At Kangaroo Kids, we focus on offering a high quality-learning environment to foster every child’s individuality. It is due to constant efforts to upgrading our learning systems that we have been recognized as India’s most Desired Preschool Brand.

    Our Vision

    To spark human greatness in every single child by discovering and then nurturing each child’s unique gift.

    Our Mission

    To create a learning environment that accommodates all individual learners, providing them with opportunities to maximise their inherent potential.

    Nursery School In New Alipore
    Kangaroo Kids Preschool New Alipore

    Preschool Education Program

    Top Preschool in New Alipore

    Toddler Transition Program

    • Best Kindergarten New Alipore1.5-2.5 years Kid
    • Playschools New Alipore5 Days a Week
    • Playschools Near Me1 Hr 30 Mins per day
    Top Preschool Admissions New Alipore

    Play School

    • Best Kindergarten New Alipore2-3 years Kid
    • Playschools New Alipore5 Days a Week
    • Playschools Near Me2 Hr 15 Mins per day
    Top Kangaroo Kids Preschool New Alipore


    • Best Kindergarten New Alipore3-4 years Kid
    • Playschools New Alipore5 Days a Week
    • Playschools Near Me2 Hr 45 Mins per day
    Top Playschools New Alipore

    Junior K G

    • Best Kindergarten New Alipore4-5 years Kid
    • Playschools New Alipore5 Days a Week
    • Playschools Near Me3 Hr 30 Mins per day
    Top Playschools Near Me

    Senior K G

    • Best Kindergarten New Alipore5-6 years Kid
    • Playschools New Alipore5 Days a Week
    • Playschools Near Me3 Hr 30 Mins per day
    Best Kangaroo Kids New Alipore

    Advantages of Kangaroo Kids New Alipore

    Best Kindergarten New Alipore
    • Constantly Evolving Curriculum
    • Well Researched, International Learning
    • Bright, Child-friendly Classrooms
    • Sight Words Programme – Unique
    • Inclusion Policy for Differently Abled Children
    • 9 Future Skills and 15 Habits of Mind Make Them Into Confident Lifelong Learners
    • 1:6 Teacher-student Ratio
    • Qualified and Highly Experienced Faculty
    • Great Focus on Pre-Reading and Pre-Writing Skills
    • Digital Literacy Skippy Tech App
    • TP and TTP – for Children Below 2 Years
    • Home Kit – Ensure High Level of Potential Interest to Ensure Higher Level of Academic Achievements
    Playschools New Alipore

    A Day at Kangaroo Kids

    Playschools Near Me

    Hello Time

    Hello Time

    (3 Centres)

    Discovery Table, Literacy Table, Math-0 Logic & Enotional

    Admission in Best Preschool

    Magic Circle

    Preschool Near Me

    Munch Break

    Table Time

    (3 Centres)

    Reading Center Writing Booth & Second Language

    Nursery School Near Me

    Indoor/Outdoor Play

    Choice Time

    (3 Centres)
    • Imaginative Play
    • Manipulative Time
    • Sensorial Time
    • STEAM Time
    • Block-0 Fun
    Best Kangaroo Kids Near Me

    Goodbye Time

    Kangaroo Kids Preschool Near Me

    Activities for Kids


    Language and Motor Skills Everyday


    Special Day Every Month as per the Theme


    Field Trips to the Salon, Science City, Zoo / Super Market


    Sense Booths- All in-house Activity Day, Where All 5 Senses Are Nurtured


    Regular Visits by Specialists/Dentists etc


    Gym and Play Area


    Well Stocked Library With Age-appropriate Books to Increase Habit of Learning


    Day to Day Detailed Plan of Every Level

    Preschool New Alipore
    Preschool Admissions

    Infrastructural Facilities

    Top Preschool Near Me

    State of the Art Infrastructure

    Top Nursery School Near Me

    Indoor and Outdoor Play area

    Top Kangaroo Kids Preschool Near Me

    Modern and Digital Classrooms

    Top Preschool New Alipore

    Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers

    Top Preschool Admissions

    CCTV Camera Security Covering Every Possible Angle

    Top Montessori Near Me

    Safe, Secure and Learner Friendly Environment

    Top Admission In Best Preschool

    30+ years of Legacy

    Top Pre School In New Alipore

    Personalized Attention to Each Child

    Top Pre School Near Me
    Best Kindergarten Near Me

    What Should be Taught
    and How We Do

    • Gross Motor Skills – Running and Throwing Ball
    • Fine Motor Skills – Threading, Holding
    • Cognitive Skills – Counting Objects / Identifying Shapes
    • Social Skills – Interaction
    • Emotional Skills – Expressing Feelings
    • Early Math Concepts – Counting, Sorting
    • Early Library Concepts – Recognition of Letters, Sounds, Phonie
    • Problem Solving – Reasoning & Creative Thinking
    • Creativity – Generation of New Ideas/art Pre-school Play
    • Physical Activity – Movement
    • Language & Vocabulary – Use of Spoken for Written Words
    • Pre-utility Skills – Tracing, Drawing Scribbling
    • Pre-reading Skills – Recognition of Letters
    • Listening Skills – Following Directions, Answering Questions
    • Observation Skills – Counting, Noticing Changes
    • Memory – Remembering Names, Repeating Patterns
    • Attention Speak– Ability to Focus, Puzzles Training
    • Concentration – Building Blocks, Construction Sets
    • Coordination – Outdoor & Indoor Play
    • Musical Skills – Singing, Clapping, Use of Musical Equipments
    • Visual Perceptual Skills – Finding Objects in a Picture Etc
    • Auditory Perceptual Skills – Answering Questions/responding
    • Self-Control – Participating in Group Activities, Appreciating Friends
    • Independence – Confidence Building
    • Early Science Concepts – Learning About Plants, Animals, 5 Senses, senses
    • Language Skills – Telling Stories, Singing Songs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Choosing a high quality pre-school can help your child develop essential social and academic skills while allowing them to explore and learn in a safe setting

    Our infrastructure support and a variety of edge-appropriate activities and help the child busy and assist him/her to speak

    Likes to share

    Able to communicate his/her needs

    Social skills

    We are well-received in all high schools like St. Xavier's, Don Bosco, Sri Sri Academy, Modern High School, Lakshmipat Singhania

    Recognition of letters & numbers

    Essential reading & writing

    Social skills


    We can take children from 1.6 years of age when they go to the Toddlers Transition Program after that the children move to pre-nursery, nursery, Junior K.G. each and every consecutive year

    All classes are held between 9.00 am to 1.00 pm from Monday to Friday


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    Awards & Recognitions

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    Contact Info


    635C, Block - O, 47 Ullaskar Datta Sarani,
    New Alipore, Kolkata, West